Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

WLU’s Nurse is here for Emergencies

Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

Emergency Nurses Week is Oct. 11-17, 2015 with Emergency Nurses Day falling on Oct. 14. Sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), the week serves as way to recognize the hard work of emergency nurses everywhere. In emergency situations, nurses have seen it all and then some, but they keep a calm head through it all and focus on patients’ needs in during a crisis, a trait that should be commended and respected.

“Emergency Nurses Day salutes the dedication and commitment of emergency nursing professionals, who bring care, comfort, and compassion to patients,” the ENA stated.

Halloween: Coming Soon to West Liberty Hilltop

By Jewlina Matthews, Contributing Writer

It is almost that time for pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and watching horror movies! Halloween is a holiday for people of all ages; it isn’t just the holiday you remember from a stomachache the morning after eating too much candy as a child. It is the holiday for starting new traditions like baking pumpkin seeds, going to haunted houses with your friends, and exploring corn mazes.

In West Liberty’s endeavors to make the holiday fun for all ages, campus activities posted events on their online calendar. Campus activities set up numerous Halloween themed events on their calendar. This year, the 4-H club is hosting the first annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Each pumpkin costs five dollars and must be picked up by Wednesday, Sept. 30.