Knocking Down Notre Dame!

By Kyle Taylor, Contributing Writer

West Liberty’s Women’s Volleyball Team had a tense game against Notre Dame, with two wins on each side, the game ended at a close 15-12 with West Liberty pulling off a last win.

The game continueback and forth as after West Liberty won the first set 25-20, Notre Dame immediately turned it around in the second with a score of 25 to West Liberty’s 18. West Liberty was quick to turn the game back in favor for the third set with a score of 25-19, but Notre Dame did the same in the fourth set, and despite hard efforts from West Liberty, they managed to pull a reversal of the first set and win 20-25. This lead to the last tie breaker set, which was the closet of them all at 15-12.

Sadly, West Liberty was somewhat lacking in support on the stands, as most of the audience was visitors who had come over to watch Notre Dame, outnumbering West Liberty’s fans almost two to one. Despite the drowning cheers for Notre Dame however, West Liberty still had an amazing game. The fourth set was the most difficult for the team, as they gained an early lead and quickly reached 23 points while leaving West Liberty at a mere 12.

However, the team was sure to make Notre Dame work for those last two points, winning eight more points before they won the set. Likewise, there was also some concerns during the fourth set that forced the game to be put on hold. Chief among them was when trying to make a return, Senior Courtney Pyeritz was accidentally hit by a teammate. “We were both trying to hit the ball.” Pyeritz explained, calling it just an accident and also continuing to play for the rest of the game.

            The bigger concern however, was when the referees themselves stopped the game, and had doubts about the scores. Supposedly, West Liberty’s score hadn’t had their point taken back after a point was ruled in Notre Dame’s favor. While both coaches questioned the refs at one point, Senior Maddie Bonamico said “Bad calls can happen to everyone. Some are deserved, some aren’t, but it happened to both teams.”

            Most of the team agreed that the hardest part of their game with Notre Dame was the second set. “The first set is always a warm up. After that, they seemed to get serious. Notre Dame always plays a great game. They’re good competition.” Pyeritz said. Senior Michaela Hawkins also agreed, saying that they “struggled to communicate” during the set. “It’s not just about doing well though. It’s also about how you bounce back.” Hawkins added.

         After the tense competition against Notre Dame College, the Women’s Volleyball Team now has to look towards their next game against Carlow University. The game will be held on September 29th at 7 P.M. and held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here’s hoping that they have as spectacular a game as they did today.

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