Top Country Artists

By Marissa Wetterau, Sports Editor

Possibly one of the most distinct and popular genres in the music world today is country music. The origins of country music are thought to have began in the most rural of areas with a person’s words being sung over an acoustic guitar that someone was playing. The top country artists of all time are some of the most successful and most revered figures in music history. lists the top 10 country music artists as follows.

1. Johnny Cash
2. Hank Williams
3. George Jones
4. Waylon Jennings
5. Willie Nelson
6. George Strait…aka “the king of country music”
7. Patsy Cline
8. Loretta Lynn
9. Merle Haggard
10. Conway Twitty

These ten artists have paved the road for all of the great country artists that you hear today and they continue to do so even if a few of them had already passed away. I happen to have my own list of who I think should be in the top best country artists of all time but my list includes the top 15. My personal top ten list will be as it is listed below and I will also include my favorite songs from that artist.

1. George Strait- ‘Amarillo By Morning ‘, ‘Cross My Heart’, & many more
2. George Jones- ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ & ‘Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes’
3. Alan Jackson- ‘Good Time’, ‘Small Town Southern Man’, & many more
4. Johnny Cash- ‘Walk the Line’
5. Conway Twitty- ‘Hello Darlin’, ‘That’s my Job’ & many more
6. Hank Williams Jr.- ‘Country Boy Can Survive’
7. Trace Adkins- ‘Arlington’, ‘Till the Last Shot’s Fired’, ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ plus more
8. Loretta Lynn- ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’
9. Brad Paisley- ‘Letter to Me’, ‘He Didn’t Have to Be’, plus more
10. Willie Nelson- ‘On the Road Again’
11. Luke Bryan- ‘Drink A Beer’, ‘Blood Brothers’ plus more
12. Justin Moore-‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away’
13. Tim McGraw-‘Don’t Take the Girl’ plus more
14. Kenny Chesney-‘Back Where I Come From’ plus more
15. Montgomery Gentry-‘Something to Be Proud Of’ plus more

I included these 15 country musicians in my top 15 because each of their songs spoke to me and still speak to me in a way that only a few select songs ever have. I recommend that you listen to these songs which can be accessed on YouTube, and let them speak to you like they still speak to me. The current generation needs to appreciate the artists that paved the way for the music they listen to now. Not all of country music is about trucks, breaking up, and drinking … Give country music a chance and listen to these great country artists.

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