Top 5 Reasons to Cruise

By Emily Dawson, Contributing Writer 

For those looking for a hot vacation spot this summer, why not check out the many paradise destinations that cruise lines have to offer? Whether you’re trying to soak up the sun on a tropical island, or escape to a more arctic atmosphere, there will be a cruise for you.

Each morning, you’ll have the experience of waking up at a new travel destination. Cruises provide you with the freedom to really do as much or as little as you desire. From action-packed activities to secluded relaxation spots, there are accommodations available for guests of all ages and interests.

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, or an elaborate around the world experience, the choice is up to you. Cruises provide you with an affordable and luxurious vacation opportunity that’s catered to your needs and expectations. Not only are you granted the freedom to personalize your trip, but the cruise line’s top priority is to meet your individual wishes. More so, these are the top five reasons to consider a cruise as your choice of a summer vacation getaway:

1. Cruises are cost effective.

Most cruises are all inclusive, which means that food, entertainment, lodging, transportation, and other accommodations are all included in the rate of the cruise. Many cruises offer all inclusive deals of under $100 a night, which is often less than you would spend for similar accommodations on a land vacation. In addition, some cruise lines offer perks such as family discounts, soft drink and alcoholic beverage sailing packages, and even onboard credit.

2. Cruises allow you to disconnect from the world around you.

In today’s society of constant communication and interaction, a cruise can be a great escape from the hassles of everyday life. There are wi-fi and minute packages available, but it’s often nice to disconnect, relax, and remember to live in the moment. After all, it’s a vacation in the middle of the ocean, and you can always get back in touch once you return to port.

3. Cruises allow you to travel to a variety of destinations.

The ship transports you to a vast selection of destinations without the monotonous travel time, and allows you to vacation on the way to your desired location. Not only do you not have to worry about transportation needs, but you can find an itinerary accustomed to your travel wishes. If you can’t decide which hot spots to visit, why not check them all out?

4. Cruises allow you to meet new people.

The cruise lines are filled with a variety of travelers from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom could become lifelong friends. In addition, the destination spots provide travelers with new understandings of cultures and lifestyles, opening their eyes to the beauty that the world has to offer.

5. Cruises offer noteworthy entertainment.

On the ship, entertainment such as comedy shows, games shows, musical entertainment, casinos, and dance clubs are provided for the traveler’s pleasure. Off of the ship, things such as excursion packages and destination tours are offered to assist in meeting the traveler’s needs.

Cruises leave the power in your hands, and what you get out of a cruise is entirely up to you. Take it easy, or live in the fast lane, the choice is yours. For more reasons to consider a cruise in your summer vacationing plans, check out online websites or contact a travel agent near you!

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