Daily Archives: April 18, 2015

Social media helps build real relationships

Nicole Henry, Contributing Writer 

Many may think we as a society are overusing social media and losing interaction with our real life family and friends. I would agree with this to an extent because I believe it adds to our personal relationships. I think our view on social media and how we use it is the reason why we think this way. We think that we will lose our ability to communicate in person because of all the time we spend online, but we actually gain more interaction with people in person because of social media.

What Comes After Graduation?

By Kyle Taylor, Contributing Writer

On May 9th, many WLU seniors are going to graduate. They have plenty of work to do before hand, like attending commencement, graduation fee, attending the graduation fair, paying off any financial obligations, and of course, being sure that they’ve met all the requirements for their major. All this is necessary in order to graduate, but there’s just as much work after graduation for students. After that is when one must try to get a job using what they’ve learned at college, which can be just as daunting to those who are unprepared.

One thing that many employers will immediately look at is whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student. For those who don’t know, undergraduate programs lead to getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in their field. Graduate students are the ones trying to earn a master’s degree or doctorate. These different degrees will help sway people looking to hire for students, both for what they will have them do as well as if they should hire them on at all.