Daily Archives: April 17, 2015

WLU Biology Research Published by Scientific Journal

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

On April 2, the research of WLU Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Evan Lau and his colleagues was published in a special issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal “Microorganisms,” an open-access journal by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) on Microbial C1 metabolism.

The article, titled “High Throughput Sequencing to Detect Differences in Methanotrophic Methylococcaceae and Methylocystaceae in Surface Peat, Forest Soil, and Sphagnum Moss in Cranesville Swamp Preserve, West Virginia, USA,” was authored by Dr. Lau, WLU Academic Laboratory Instructor Edward J. Nolan, WLU biology students Zachary Dillard and Wendi Wentzell, and former students Ryan Dague and Amanda Semple. The open access article can be found here.

Professor Glysson to Start Community Choir

By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer

This fall, the West Liberty Department of Music will start a community choir. The community choir is open to everyone to join.

“The real reason why I started a community choir is because the current choirs that we have are hard to recruit for because it is in the middle of the day,” said Director of Choral Activities choirs Scott Glysson. “We have two choirs here, the University choir and the Concert choir. The University choir should be for everyone on campus who are not music majors. I really wanted to recruit those kind of people, but we would run into labs and other classes throughout the middle of the day.

WLU Should Offer More Religious Organizations

By Rick Tyler, Contributing Writer

West Liberty University strives to have a diverse and complex campus, but in some ways it stops short of perfect. While WLU offers a good number of clubs and organizations to become a part of, the campus’ religious side is sorely lacking. There aren’t many groups at West Liberty that allow less mainstream religions a place to worship in peace, and it should be our goal as a campus to be as inclusive and diverse as we can.

Recognizing the Founders of Alpha Xi Delta

By Zoe Poindexter, Contributing Writer

More than 100 years ago, on April 17, 1893 at Lombard College Galesburg, IL  Alpha Xi Delta was founded by ten young woman who shared the vision of a national organization dedicated to the personal growth of women. Today it is known as one of the oldest women’s fraternities. The spirit of Alpha Xi Delta has enriched the lives of thousands of women throughout the world with its emphasis on lifelong learning and lasting friendship.