Daily Archives: April 4, 2015

Top five reasons to study a foreign language at WLU

By Gabriella Pozell, Contributing Writer

Midterms are over.  Spring is in the air. Cue the scheduling frenzy for next semester. 

As you plan your schedule for fall 2015, here are five reasons why you should consider taking a foreign language class or even adding a foreign language minor:

  1. Educational and job opportunities.

Having knowledge of another language is a desirable skill for job candidates, no matter what type of work it is that you are seeking.  In an increasingly competitive job market, this is a great way for job candidates to stand out to employers. 

Also, instead of limiting yourself to jobs or graduate schools in countries where your native language is spoken, knowing another language makes it feasible to work or study abroad.

“Puppet World” takes over the Nutting Gallery

By Daniel Morgan, Contributing Writer

On March 25, 2015, West Liberty University’s Nutting Gallery opened its newest showcase of artwork from Pittsburgh artist Tom Sarver. 

Sarver, who has been featured at the Carnegie Museum of Art, has found success in art through his involvement in large projects, teaching, and puppetry.

His colorful and straightforward displays are aesthetically simple, yet, at times, very thought-provoking.