Night at the Museum 3 Review

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb was directed by Shawn Levy. Some of the recognizable stars include: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, and of course the great Robin Williams. It is noticeably known as the last movie he was in before he passed. Thankfully, for audiences it does not disappoint.

The movie once again follows the night guard Larry Daley, Ben Stiller, at the Museum of Natural History. He plans a nighttime event with some of the favorite exhibits: Teddy Roosevelt, Sacagawea, Attila the Hun, Dexter the Monkey, and Rexy the T-Rex skeleton. Unfortunately, the event erupts into chaos when the exhibits begin acting abnormally. Ahkmenrah worries it might be from the tablet corroding.

Thanks to some digging Larry learns about the tablet’s prophecy that ‘the end will come’ signaling the end of the magic. Larry then thinks of consulting Ahkmenrah’s parents, who are in the British Museum. He then convinces his boss Dr. McPhee, who is being fired from the chaotic event, to allow him to travel with the pharaoh and the tablet to the other museum. Larry travels there with his son Nicky and they meet security guard Tilly, who then lets them into the museum.

It turns out some of the exhibits accompanied Larry including a Neanderthal modeled after himself named Laaa. Of course the tablet brings the local exhibits to life and it’s hilarity as the group attempts to find the pharaoh’s parents and fix the magic. New characters include a Triceratops skeleton and Sir Lancelot. Without giving much away the movie is funny although some of the scenes you could tell they only put in there for laughs.

There are surprising plot twists that I never saw coming and a few moments that are tearjerkers. I’m not going to lie in that Robin William’s character gives a speech that might choke you up at best or leave you a wreck. The ending is both a sweet send off to the series and a bitter farewell. It is a must see for sure.

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