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In Honor of Secretariat

By Marissa Wetterau, Contributing Writer

There have been many great sports legends of all types that have shaped sports and our lives but there is one that is still on everyone’s mind even 26 years after his death. That athlete is the great thoroughbred race horse Secretariat also known as “Big Red” or “Red”.

Top five Sci- Fi movies of all time

Compiled by Jessica Broverman, Editor

5) The Terminator Series

The creators of The Terminator have been producing this box office plot for over thirty years. Actors ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke, and even Christian Bale, these films have had their far share of stars. From protecting the mother of a future leader to protecting the human race, The Terminator films have grown to much larger heights. The most recent movie “Terminator: Genisys” will be released in July of this year and will bring back Schwarzenegger once more.

Beyond the Moon

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

With all the recent Sci Fi movies like Gravity, Jupiter Ascending, and Interstellar human interest in space has been rekindled and we once again look to the stars. However, it would be best to look to our past before we gaze longingly into our bright future.

Prog Rock Deep Cuts Radio Show

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Student Ian Beabout has accomplished many things. He has aided the Trumpet Online with social media but has a radio show of his own. It is called Prog Rock Deep Cuts and airs on Thursdays from 7-10 PM EST on Archived shows are also available for listeners on

New apartments, dorm renovations, and policy changes improve residence life

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

 There are many options and policies for residential students at West Liberty to consider for the 2015-16 academic year, several of them new. University Place II is scheduled to open for the fall semester, and both University Place facilities feature many new policy changes. Also, the Guest Policy for residential students has been recently reviewed and altered, and the campus residence halls have seen many renovations.

Domestic Violence Service Poster


This poster was created by  Rosalie Haizlett for a domestic violence service project going on around campus. You may have seen the donation boxes in the buildings. Please help those who have been victims to domestic violence and give to a good cause. It could be something as simple as a bar of soap. Every item is very appreciated and will aid someone trying to better their lives and escape an abusive situation. 

Night at the Museum 3 Review

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb was directed by Shawn Levy. Some of the recognizable stars include: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, and of course the great Robin Williams. It is noticeably known as the last movie he was in before he passed. Thankfully, for audiences it does not disappoint.

Game Review: Five Night’s at Freddy’s

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Originally there was Five Night’s at Freddy’s. A game that was cheap to make and offered a few hours of entertainment.

West Liberty University Names Dr. John McCullough Interim President

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va., March 11, 2015 — The West Liberty University Board of Governors today named Dr. John McCullough as its interim president during a special 4 p.m. meeting in Shaw Hall.

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