Trumpet Solo with Rich Lucas, Chairman of WLU Foundation

By Gabriella Pozell, Contributing Writer

Q: First, could you explain what the WLU Foundation is, and what its objective is?

A:  The West Liberty University Foundation was founded in 1964 to provide scholarships to worthy students of West Liberty University. The Foundation attempts to build on our assets each year through fundraising, endowments, charitable gifts and bequests. As we build on our assets, we attempt to control our overhead and maximize our return on our endowed investments, all in an effort to provide the most scholarship dollars possible for our students. This year ended June 30, 2014, the Foundation’s assets grew to a record $18.5 million dollars and the Foundation provided direct scholarships of $408,000 to our students.

Q: What are your responsibilities as Chairman of the Board?

A:  As Chairman of the Board, I preside over the quarterly Foundation Board of Directors meetings. I also am involved in the Investment Committee of the Foundation, whose main duty is the fiduciary responsibility of managing the Foundation’s endowment portfolio.  All members of our Foundation Board of Directors work diligently for the benefit of the University, and our members volunteer to serve on various committees such as Nominating, Development, Disbursement, and others to add value to our Foundation.  The Foundation is blessed with a hardworking, dedicated Board of Directors and Staff.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of being on the Foundation?

A: My favorite aspect of being on the Foundation is the hope that I can help the University grow and continue its mission of providing an excellent education for our students. Another wonderful aspect of being on the Foundation is the opportunity to be involved in Campus activities and to visit Campus on a regular basis and to watch our University prosper.

Q: I know that you are very active in the Wheeling community, as well. What are some other organizations you are a part of in the Ohio Valley?

A:  I currently serve on the Centre Market Commission of the City of Wheeling, the Regional Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, the Seeing Hand Association Board of Directors, Wheeling Park High School Hockey Board, and am involved with the Northern Panhandle Chapter of CPA’s. 

Q: You are also a WLU alumnus from the class of ‘86.  Could you elaborate on how your WLU education has benefited you in your endeavors?

A: Since I graduated in 1986, my WLU Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Accounting has given me the opportunity to become the President and CEO of Main Street Bank, located here in Wheeling with additional locations in Wellsburg, Elm Grove, Wheeling and Moundsville. Upon graduation, my education in Accounting from WLU assisted me in passing the CPA exam, and I worked for a local accounting firm (SR Snodgrass, now Zeno, Pockl, Lilly and Copeland, AC) here in Wheeling doing tax work, management advisory services, and auditing until entering the Banking field.  Throughout my working years, my WLU degree has allowed me opportunities to advance in my fields of endeavor.

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