New Christmas Classic?

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

With all the specials being played around the holidays it is easy to get sick of them or have them blur together. There are only so many times one can see a Christmas tree or hear cheerful singing before it gets old. However, one movie in particular stands out and that is Arthur Christmas.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the movie or seen it on television recently. It is not a new movie and came out in 2011. The plot includes Santa’s son Arthur and it is noticeable that he is not your typical hero. He’s clumsy, manages to muck almost everything up, and doesn’t have all the answers. Arthur is content to step back and allow others to take all the glory and credit. He’s put to the test when a child is accidentally missed on Christmas and he wishes to see her get her gift.

To him it doesn’t matter how it happens or who does it just so that the little girl keeps believing in Santa. He faces challenges along the way including his family. His grandfather wants to see things done the old way, his brother is more concerned with numbers than dealing with children, and his father is just old and tired.

I won’t ruin the plot but Arthur is the true star of the movie for a reason. You’ll laugh and have your heart tugged at a couple of scenes. The film is unique in that there is no clear villain, only the Santa family being portrayed as people with flaws. It’s message is rather odd as well. That the magic of the season doesn’t have to come from one way of doing things but compromises can be made as the past, present, and future methods all mix together. It’s easy to get caught up in all the mayhem this season. What’s really important is that we not lose sight of what matters this time of year. Family and friends, giving instead of receiving.

It’s a shame this film isn’t more well-known but I feel as though it could become the next big holiday movie. So if you have free time sit down, snuggle up, and enjoy yourselves.

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