Nutting Gallery showcases printmaking

By Emily Dawson, Contributing Writer

The Nutting Gallery is now showcasing “Paper View,” collections of art by Randy Yoho and Maria Mangano.

One of Yoho’s most interesting pieces in the Nutting Gallery, “Looking in the mirror,” is composed on a salvaged wooden door. The backside of the door has a mirror on it, which Yoho used to photograph himself making a variety of faces. Yoho selected his four favorite faces, drew them, and then carved them into the wood on the front of the door. The door can be purchased for $2,495.00.

“Locusts” is one of Mangano’s most interesting artworks in the gallery. It took a considerable amount of time to intricately place the many hand-cut and hand-folded locusts on display. The locusts can be bought for $50 each.

 Yoho and Mangano are both printmaking artists, and they tend to create images in multiples. Yoho puts strength and energy into his work, while Mangano’s work is more simplistic.

Professor Robert Villamagna, the Nutting Gallery curator, said that, “both are wonderful artists, they just work differently.”

Yoho works with large objects and uses an electric tool known as a Dremel to carve images out of wood. Yoho then applies ink to the wood, covers it with paper, and uses a wooden spoon to press the paper into the carving and make his prints.

Mangano, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, etches with metal resources and uses more traditional tools. 

The artists have varying inspirations. Yoho has always had a fascination with the appearance of topographical maps. His overall theme deals with faces, all of which resemble someone that he knows, that are inspired by the visual designs of topographical maps.

Mangano’s artwork, on the other hand, is inspired by animals. She often visits the Museum of Natural History at Carnegie Mellon to get inspiration from the preserved animals. Mangano draws the preserved animals and then transfers them to her prints. Her overall theme involves depicting animals and insects, particularly birds.

“Paper View” will be on display for viewing in the Nutting Gallery until Nov. 20.

Both Yoho and Mangano have artworks that are available for sale.

The gallery is free of charge for admission and is open 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays, or by appointment.


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