Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

West Virginia Research set to host STEM event

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Photo Credit: Carlos Suarez

The Division of Science and Research in Charleston, W.Va. will be holding a presentation entitled, “How to be a Lifelong Explorer: Leadership through the Lens of Exploration and Invention.”

WLU-TV 14 video footage featured on CNBC

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

On Monday, Oct. 27, a video produced by WLU-TV 14 was featured on the Tech Crowd segment of CNBC’s technology news destination, Squawk Alley.

The video profiled a project called SecureSelfies. SecureSelfies is a new brand of protection technology for smartphones and other devices, developed by West Virginia-based start-up Confirmix, a company that develops enterprise and consumer identity authentication products. The CBNC Squawk Alley Tech Crowd segment pitted SecureSelfies against another up-and-coming brand of security technology called Cyber Ghost for the title of Tech Crowd leader of the week. CNBC announced on Friday, Oct. 31 that SecureSelfies won, with 68.22% of the vote from the online poll.