Scholarship and grant opportunities at WLU

By Nicole Henry, Contributing Writer

Photo credit, Scott McCloskey

As a college student, there are many outlets to look to that will help pay for college tuition.

Whether youʼre an incoming freshman or a rising senior, there are scholarship programs to help with college tuition.

Here is the list of some of the scholarship programs offered at West Liberty University. Mary Casey Bates Elementary Education Scholarship According to West Liberty academic scholarship programs, “This scholarship (award amount $800.00) is awarded to an elementary education major who exhibits academic talent and financial need.” To receive this scholarship you must be a rising freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior and an elementary education major. The deadline for this scholarship is March 20, 2015.

Donald S. and Mary Anne Bruno Education Scholarship “This one-time scholarship (award amount $5000.00) is for a rising sophomore majoring in elementary education or music education.” The requirements for this scholarship include that the student should be a top sophomore elementary or music education major and the student must demonstrate a commitment to the teaching profession and intend to enter the profession upon completion of undergraduate or graduate study. Also, the student must demonstrate strong academic performance, college and community activities, and financial need.

University Scholarship, this scholarship is offered to first-time transfer students who have completed 24 minimum credit hours with a 3.25 GPA. The scholarship is up to $2,000 per renewable for up to three years.

McCarroll Family Trust Scholarship. The requirements for this scholarship include a GPA that is no higher than a 3.0, not receiving any other scholarships, and must be involved in a nonacademic activity on campus.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant Program (TEACH) According to West Lib financial aid grants, “TEACH is a federal grant for undergraduate or graduate students completing course work to become a teacher of math, science, or special education. The student must agree to serve full-time in a designated low-income school for four years, after completion of the academic program for which the TEACH Grant was received.”

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