Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

Interview Tips

By Chelsea Williams, Contributing Writer

When going to an interview you should always pay attention to your outfit, attitude, and actions because what you do expresses a lot about yourself as a future employee. Now that you have this big job interview coming up, what will you start with to make sure you’re going to make a great first impression?

To start with your outfit, there are certain colors that give off specific vibes. According to Career Builder’s survey, “2,099 hiring managers and human resource professionals who participated in it believe blue and black are the best colors to wear for an interview and orange is the absolute worst.” Black, blue, and gray are all very calm, conservative colors that are more important for a professional setting such as an interview.

WLU gunning for MEC Crown

By Nicole Henry, Contributing Writer

The West Liberty soccer team is closing in on the halfway point of their 2014 season, where they find themselves with two wins, three losses, and two draws overall with two wins, two losses, and one draw in the Mountain East Conference.

Although this isnʼt exactly where the team wanted to be at this point, the girls are still preserving and fighting for the season.