Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

“The Maze Runner”

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Action, mystery, curiosity, and anxiousness are all what you will feel when experiencing this storyline. We as a society love to see the storyline of a book come to life on the big screen, like many popular books that do well in this century do.

From imagining characters and creating them in our minds to watching it all unfold in a theater, which experience is the better one? “The Maze Runner” is a very unique movie, which is rare considering that most movies are the same plot with a slight tweak here and there.

Social Media and Crime

By Dylan Mckenzie, Contributing Writer

Technology is on the rise, and it permeates almost every facet of our everyday lives. You can now check your bank accounts, read the local paper, pay your bills, and so much more, just from your smartphone.

But perhaps no technology has spread faster and had more impact on our lives in recent years than the advent of social media. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites, information can be spread instantaneously throughout the world. All you need is an account.