Daily Archives: September 11, 2014

Library advances

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

West Liberty’s library has made some significant technical advances. The most prominent being the new network wiring that will allow for more data speed, reliability, and better access. Particularly to students working on multiple devices, such as a computers and phones. It is rather ironic that students will enjoy this the most, but cannot physically see it.

WLU’s improvements

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Within the last year there have been many changes amongst our campus. Some are massive, while others are so simplistic that they go unnoticed. If you are attending a class near the football stadium, library, or the student union you will see a lot of improvements that were needed.

Looking back on 9/11

By Nicole Henry, Contributing Writer

September 11, 2001 is the date that changed America forever.

People all around the United States woke up to what they thought would be a regular day; a regular day of getting their kids ready for school, making their coffee, and heading off to work. There was no thought in their minds that their life would change in a matter of seconds. Even the little ones, whose innocent minds never even thought of tragedy ever unfolding before their eyes, but in seconds that all changed.

Festival of Colors

By Jin Zhang, Contributing Writer

Looking for something to do this weekend? Make sure to check out the Festival of Colors! The International club brings students to the Festival of Colors event every year. It has been a highly recommended event to take part in by almost everyone who has attended the celebration and is open to everyone from all walks of life.

WLU student in Australia

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

This summer, West Liberty University sent Hilltoppers off to many countries around the world to study, learn, and travel to global destinations far removed from the Ohio Valley. These world travelers return to school this fall with their amazing stories, experiences, and pictures to share with the rest of the West Liberty community.

Dental Hygiene National Scholarship

By Kacie Murray, Staff Writer

The American Dental Association Foundation, also known as ADAF and ADA, has selected West Liberty’s very own Jenna St. Clair as the recipient of a 1,000 dollar scholarship. St. Clair is a dental hygiene student from New Concord, Ohio and is on the Dean’s list this year.

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