Defeating the Freshman Fifteen

By Olivia Morgan, Editor

West Liberty University has been preparing for the incoming freshman class, and move-in day will be here before students know it.

Whether they’re ready or not, the class of 2018 is going to be starting a new chapter of life; within this chapter, students will get the full college experience.

Being a first year college student has both pros and cons. The pros are making new friends, living away from home, and finding a major to study.

The cons include being homesick, living in a small dorm room, and adjusting to the cafeteria food. Another infamous downfall of college life is the “freshman fifteen,” which is the name given to the weight-gain that first-year college students generally experience. 

According to the website Kids Health, “studies show that students on average gain 3 to 10 pounds during their first 2 years of college. Most of this weight gain occurs during the first semester of freshman year.”

The freshman fifteen is usually gained because of the new life style that students are adjusting to.

When they start college, students often get into bad habits such as snacking while studying, chowing down on late night snacks, emotional eating, and binge drinking.

All of these unhealthy habits can cause students to gain weight.

Another way students gain the unwanted fifteen pounds is by choosing unhealthy options in the student union and the cafeteria.

Along with the bad eating habits, students may also not be as active as they were when in high school; since they have to make time to study, students have less time in which to schedule a workout.

However, the “freshman fifteen” is not just an issue for first-year students. Unwanted weight-gain can plague any student, so it is important that everyone takes steps towards being healthier during the school year.

Students can decrease the chances of gaining weight by eating healthy and exercising for at least 60 minutes a day.

If one burns at least 500 calories a day, for seven days, a student can lose one pound per week, defeating the freshman fifteen.

Like all college campuses, WLU has a Wellness Center located in the ASRC that is free to students and houses plenty of workout equipment.

Exercise can also help with stress, which is another way that weight gain can occur.

Students can also challenge themselves to The Freshman Fifteen Challenge.

According to the webpage, Freshman Fifteen, “the freshman 15 challenge is to stay fit and eat healthy while maintaining a very busy schedule. Most college students are constantly on the go, which makes it more difficult to find time to exercise, and to eat right instead of just grabbing ‘fast food.’ Challenge yourself to make healthy eating and regular exercise part of your daily routine to help avoid the freshman 15.” For more ways to avoid the freshman fifteen, the newest members of the Hilltopper Nation can visit, 15 Ways to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen.

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