So You Think (WL)U Can Dance!!!

West Liberty University will host a dance competition in the style of the popular TV show for the students at West Liberty University (and HS dancers in the state of West Virginia and surrounding counties). Registrations will be accepted  until March 27th (but early registration is encouraged) and winners will be selected by professional panel of judges.

Dancers will perform a prepared solo (no more than 3:00 minutes long) in the style of their choice, as well as be part of the opening number (taught on the day of the event); 

Registration will close on Monday, March 27, and all music files should be submitted by that time as well (uploaded to the registration form or shared through Google Drive); 

All Participants will need to be on campus and in room F210 (Hall of Fine Arts) by 5:30pm on Wednesday, March 29th to learn the opening number. if there is a conflict with the schedule, participants can email as soon as possible.   

$500 for Outstanding Performer 
(WLU scholarships may also be offered from this evet)

Who is eligible?

Any current WLU student or student who is currently a junior or senior in the state of West Virginia or in the surrounding counties in the metro region of West Liberty (complete list available upon request). 

How do I register?

Registration form is in the information below.  All you need is to have the information needed and submit the form (uploading the musical selection -edit it so that it starts where you want it to start).  

Registration Information

Registration is now open.  Deadline for registration will be March 17, 2023 (11:59 PM). Click HERE to register (you do not need to upload your music  at the time of registration).


For more information or questions, please contact Jill Warren (  or Michael Aulick (

Dancer Registration

Grade / Year in school
Proficient Styles
select all appropriate styles
What style of dance are you going to be performing for SO YOU THINK (WL)U CAN DANCE?
Cut and paste a link to the music you are using for your performance. If you need to share from Google Drive, share it with