Please join us in a very important movement to support the West Liberty University (WLU) Kelly Theatre Encore Campaign. Currently, there is a significant need for renovation and technological improvements. These upgrades will make the space more comfortable and more attractive. Technological upgrades will support new opportunities to enhance the theatre experience and to have WLTV Channel 14 film productions and presentations in the theatre.

Kelly Theatre is a showpiece for the WLU campus. Audiences gather regularly to enjoy the talents of the Hilltop Players in this space and are left filled with emotions and memories of great productions. The Encore Campaign will improve the experiences of the audience, and more importantly, the students. It is important for the students to see this treasure cared for. It will teach them to value their theatre and become future stewards of this campus jewel.

Not only will this campaign improve Kelly Theatre and the WLU student experience, it will pay tribute to Dr. Kelly, who touched many of our lives.

Please review the list of improvements and the various naming opportunities available. For a gift of $500, a new seat will be named for you.


Our Fundraising Goal: $500,000 *

Needed Improvements Include:

New seats, repainting the theatre, new carpet, new flooring, a new lighting control board, a new orchestra pit structure, a variety of technology upgrades, storage for costumes, a new intercom system, a new marquee for the ticket office and more.

* Total cost of the project is $400,000. If we meet our goal to raise $500,000,  $50,000 will go toward the Hilltop Player’s Fund which is a discretionary fund managed by the Theatre Director to support rising annual production costs, including printing, promotions, rights, costumes and equipment. $50,000 will go toward the Kelly Theatre Endowment for future sustainability.


Naming Opportunities:

Stage: $200,000
Orchestra Pit: $50,000
Green Room: $50,000
Light Booth: $50,000
Costume Shop:  $25,000
Sound Booth: $25,000
Costume Storage Area: $20,000
Ticket Office: $10,000
Kelly Theatre Seat: $500 *250 Seats Available
(First come first serve)

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