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Student Life COVID-19

Guidelines for Student Life Activities

The Office of Student Life, in  accordance with University policy, will begin the Fall 2020 semester in Phase 1 of Programming & Meeting Management, which is an all VIRTUAL format. ( The Guide & Phases are applicable to student life events/programming, club meetings and events , etc.).

All Clubs & Organizations will be required to follow the guidelines included in the Student Life Programming Guide- Fall 2020 V & acknowledge these requirements through the Checklist Acknowledgment Form that will be sent to the presidents.  Additional powerpoint education will be provided for clubs during Phases 2 & 3.

If a Phase is to change or additional requirements included in a stage, all clubs and organizations will be notified of the changes and the new requirements.

Quick List Requirements for all Phases.

All clubs must follow the following in all phases. All questions can be directed to the Director of Student Life, Kate Billings, [email protected]

  • All Club meetings & events must submit a campus event form online for record purposes to the Office of Student Life prior to the event or meeting. The group will receive approval for their event through the Director of Student Life. NO IN PERSON MEETINGS OR PROGRAMS ARE ALLOWED UNTIL PHASE 2.
  • All Club events & meetings will need to email an attendance sheet within 24 hours of the event. They can also opt into an RSVP program to take attendance.
  • Phases where in person meetings are allowed will be given guidance on sanitation of spaces in accordance with University procedures.

All Requirements and details can be found in Student Life Programming Guide- Fall 2020 V 


For the beginning of Fall semester all activities and programs (including club meetings) will be required to be held virtually for the first month.

Check out the Student Life Programming Guide- Fall 2020 V


Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the activities and club events happening on the Hilltop!

Insta: @WLActivities
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Student Complaint Form


For information on campus security and crime statistics, please review the Annual Security Report. Annual Security Report


Information on the new Alumni Park Firepit, including reservations, safety information, and procedures is available online by clicking here.