Percussion Audition

The goal of percussion study at West Liberty University is to prepare the undergraduate student with a well-rounded percussion education that will allow them success in their future pursuits. Study will focus on the core areas of percussion performance – snare drum, mallet percussion, timpani, and drum set – as well as give students an introduction to many other instruments and musical styles.

Below are the minimum requirements for entrance into the percussion program at WLU. Please contact Professor Baldauff if you have questions regarding your audition.

Students should demonstrate training and facility in at least two (2) of the four (4) core instrument categories.

 Snare Drum (core instrument)

  1. One rudimental solo/etude from Pratt, Wilcoxon, or equivalent (published works only).
  2. One orchestral solo/etude from Cirone, Peters, Goldenberg, or equivalent (published works only).

Mallet Percussion (core instrument)

  1. All major scales and arpeggios, the chromatic scale (two octaves).
  2. One solo/etude from Goldenberg, Stout, Abe, J.S. Bach, Peters, Musser, Rosauro, or equivalent (published works only). A 4-mallet solo is preferred though not required (published works only).

Timpani (core instrument)

  1. Demonstrate tuning ability (tune a given pitch on any drum).
  2. One prepared solo/etude for 3-4 timpani from Goodman, Beck, Vic Firth, Peters, or equivalent (published works only).

Drum Set (core instrument)

  1. Demonstrate the following styles with either a metronome or (preferably) a play-along track (e.g. “Essential Styles” Book One by Steve Houghton):
  • Swing
  • Funk/Rock
  • Bossa Nova
  • Samba

2.   Demonstrate the ability to “trade fours” with yourself. This will require you to play “time” for four measures, then solo for four                       measures. Style and tempo – medium swing.

Hand Drumming / World Percussion (optional – please contact us prior to the audition)

  • Demonstrate mastery of technique and various style on congas, bongos, Brazilian instruments, djembe, and/or other various ethnic percussion instruments. Candidate should contact the instructor prior to the audition to confirm instrument availability and acceptable repertoire.

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