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Welcome prospective and current members!

Please read ALL the information below if you interested in becoming a Marching Hilltopper.

Thanks for your interest and please contact us if you have questions!

Follow the links below for music and specific audition guidelines for each section.

Winds          Percussion          Color Guard       


Who can be a Marching Hilltopper?

Marching Hilltopper enrollment is open to students meeting the following criteria:

  1. Official enrollment at West Liberty University.
  2. Successful completion of the audition process (see links above for specific section requirements).
  3. Permission of the director to enroll in the ensemble-class.

How to enroll in the WLU Marching Hilltoppers

Marching Hilltoppers is an ensemble-class offered during the fall Semester by the Department of Music and Theatre for students enrolled at West Liberty University. Class participation is determined by audition and director approval. Auditions for each section are held in August prior to the upcoming football season. *** Wind section and color guard members will not perform an individual audition. Please see the audition page for more information.

How do I get complete audition information?

Audition music and exercises for winds and percussion will be posted on this webpage under the respective tabs for that section (see above). Music will be posted in June prior to the upcoming football season. Please see the Preseason Camp Information page for details regarding exact dates and times for the auditions.

Note – Prospective percussion members will perform an individual audition. Wind players and color guard members will not perform an individual audition. We welcome all interested musicians and color guard members to participate. Please contact us if you have questions. Wind members will be placed on appropriate part assignments during band camp.

If you have trouble viewing the audition materials or need them sent in a different manner, please contact us.

How do I prepare for the audition?

Once you have printed or received the audition music, read the welcome letter at the beginning of your packet. This will provide you with details outlining what will be asked during your individual audition (percussion only). Please look for your specific instrument. In addition to having these exercises and music ready to perform, you should also be practicing all the exercises in the packet (wind and percussion members). You will be responsible for learning ALL the music in the technique packet prior to arriving at preseason camp.

Suggestions for practicing the music:

  • Always practice the music with a metronome. If you do not own one, there are many free online metronomes.
  • Practice the music while standing and “marking time”. Since we will be moving and playing on the field, we will be asking you to mark time in your audition while you play the exercises.
  • Use a mirror to check your posture and playing position while practicing. Winds – observe your overall posture and breathing in the mirror. Percussion – use this to check stick and hand positions, uniform stick heights, and overall posture while playing.

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