Rules on portfolio submission

Rules on Portfolio Submission

Accepted RBA & BLA Students:

To submit formally and officially a portfolio for a prior learning assessment in “major” areas (not for General Studies courses) a student must have applied and been accepted, and have at least 64 credit hours completed, which includes at least 24 General Studies hours.

New Students (not accepted yet):

An estimate of the credits for prior learning experience will be made on the basis of a preliminary portfolio.  This will be an unofficial estimate and include “major” and general studies course credits.  The student need not have applied and been accepted for this estimate.

After students have applied and been accepted:

Official prior learning credits for General Studies and major courses will be assessed on the basis of a professionally done portfolio rationale submitted by the student for the specific courses for which credit is sought.



RBA & BLA Portfolio Outline and Instructions (Click on title to the left to open printer-friendly instructions.)