Psychology Program Goals

I appreciated the one on one with the professors and that class discussions were welcomed. I had transferred in from WVU and Northern, and I found that West Liberty’s program was the most comprehensive and hands on. I really enjoyed my time in the Psychology program at WLU.

Psychology Class of 2013

Knowledge Base in Psychology
Graduates will demonstrate fundamental knowledge and comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical finding to discuss how psychological principles apply to behavioral problems.
Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
Graduates will use scientific reasoning and problem solving, including effective research methods, to design and execute research plans and to draw conclusions about psychological phenomena.
Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World
Graduates will demonstrate ethically and socially responsible behaviors in professional and personal settings.  Students will demonstrate adherence to personal and professional values and the APA Code of Ethics.
Graduates will demonstrate competence in writing and in oral and interpersonal communication skills.
Professional Development
Graduates will apply psychology-specific content and skills, effective self-reflection, project-management skills, teamwork skills, and career preparation.