Student Activity In Governance


Student Representative Role to Faculty Committee Meetings

The student representatives or alternates will attend Curriculum, and Evaluation Committee meetings to provide student information, report information to classmates, and coordinate class meetings, class activities and fund raising projects.  The student representatives will serve as liaison with the SNA as well as the faculty advisor.

There will be a collaborative relationship between student representatives, the faculty class advisor and the Student Nurses Association faculty advisor related to meetings, activities, moneymaking projects, etc.

Student Representative Placement

1 Junior representative              (1 Alternate)

1 Senior representative              (1 Alternate)

Junior and senior representatives will be elected within the first 2 weeks of the fall term.

Representation to a committee of the Nursing Program requires leadership and commitment.  This appointment gives the students an opportunity to represent their class and contribute ideas at various committee meetings.

The faculty will coordinate yearly election of representatives to these faculty committees.