Minor in Gerontology

The worldwide phenomenon of an aging population has created the demand for professionals who understand the needs of the older consumer. Predictions indicate that about twenty percent (20%) of the population in America will be 65 or older by the middle of this century. Educating professionals to meet the needs of senior citizens is an important aspect of our nation’s readiness to meet this challenge. The varied needs of senior citizens provide a wide array of career opportunities. People with a broad range of skills are needed to increase the quality of life for these individuals.

Gerontology minor is offered for all individuals desiring a focused study in this specialty. Content includes understanding the needs of seniors, physical and psychological changes that occur with aging, and planning to meet the needs for this population in a caring, supportive manner that preserves one’s dignity. The minor requires the completion of 21 credit hours.

West Liberty University
Health Sciences
Contact: Rose Kutlenios, Nursing Program Director
Office: 304-336-8911
Email: [email protected]

Funding for Gerontology is provided in part, by an endowment established in memory of
 Mary Elizabeth Harrison Reiner by her late husband, Colonel Howard Reiner.