B.S. Degree Curriculum in Dental Hygiene

The BS Degree in Dental Hygiene requires 120 credit hours.  Fifty-eight credits  are general education , science prerequisites and electives hours.  The remaining sixty-two  hours are clinical dental hygiene courses generally completed during the junior and senior years.         

  • Bio 204 & 205 A & P/ Lab & Chem 100/101 Foundations of Chemistry are required for the dental hygiene program and  fulfill the Scientific General  Education Requirements.
  • Math 160 Statistics is the Quantitative General Education Requirement for the dental hygiene program. 
  • Refer to the BS degree advising sheet  for the listing of General Studies requirements

The following courses must be completed before being admitted to the First Year Fall Semester of the clinical program. Students complete these courses during their freshmen and sophomore years. 

  •   English 101 &  English 102
  •    Psychology 101
  •    Sociology 150
  •    Oral Communications 101
  •   Bio 204/205 Anatomy & Physiology/Lab
  •   Chem 100/101 Foundations of Chemistry lab
  •    Bio 216  Microbiology
  •    Bio 330 Nutrition