Learning Spaces Presentation Series

The Center for Arts and Education hosted two presentations about the shifting identity of spaces where students learn:

The presenters were Mr. George Kacan and Mr. David Jakes. The program was based on the book, The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching and Learning. The Center for Arts and Education has received many positive comments on the presentations.

“The presenters gave a fascinating presentation to a large group of students, faculty, staff, and area educators on Tuesday evening on the use of facilities in formal and non-formal educational environments. I am sincere when I say that most of the attendees left inspired and supported in their beliefs that change in our environments is entirely possible and incredibly important. We can’t thank Lou enough for all of her work in the coordination and organization of these three days,” Dr. Keely Camden stated.

Theresa Kowcheck commented, “I want to say thank you for the amazing Learning Space workshop. I can honestly tell you that I have not stopped talking about  space-saving furniture, organization, and space ideas with my colleagues. I did not realize I was going to walk away with so much information and so many ideas for my classroom. Thank you for all you do Lou Karas!”