Leadership in Disability Services

This area is designed for anyone who seeks a leadership role or additional preparation for working with individuals with disabilities. Incorporating practical experiences and assignments, coursework prepares candidates to identify the needs, evaluate the programs, develop future goals, advocate for improved outcomes, and serve in leadership roles to support individuals with disabilities.

Advisor: Dr. Leann DiAndreth-Elkins: [email protected]

Required courses in Education Common Core (12 hours):

  1. EDUC 502 Professional Writing (online every semester)
  2. EDUC 507 Research Methods (online every semester)
  3. EDUC 512 Assessment and Data Literacy (online every semester)
  4. EDUC 581 Capstone (16-week course during Fall or Spring only)

Required courses for this area of emphasis (18 hours):

  • EDL 557 Creative Leaders and Innovative Thinkers (Spring I)
  • EDUC 558 Advanced Fundraising and Grant Writing (Summer II)
  • EDUC 559 Advocacy, Communication, and Public Policy (Spring II)

Select one from:

  • SPED 520 Collaborative Teaching (Fall I)
  • EDUC 528 Non-Profit Management (Fall II)

Select two from:

  • SPED 501 Autism I Characteristics of Autism (Summer I)
  • SPED 502 Autism II Autism Assessments and Interventions (Summer II)
  • SPED 541 Characteristics of Students with High Incidence Disabilities
  • SPED 548 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (Spring II)
  • SPED 551 Policies, Procedures, and Current Issues of Special Education (Fall II)
  • SPED 552 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Summer I)
  • SPED 553 Introduction to the Student who is Gifted (Fall I)
  • SPED 554 Education and Curriculum for the Gifted (Spring I)
  • SPED 555 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities (Spring I)

Total academic hours required for degree: 30