Innovative Instruction

This area is designed for educators who desire to learn innovative, research-based instructional methods and create classrooms that prepare PK-12 students for their future. Incorporating practical, classroom-based experiences and assignments, coursework includes authentic assessment, data-driven decision-making, learner-centered activities, digital literacy, instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners, and opportunities to empower creative and collaborative problem solving in the PK-12 classroom.

Advisor: Dr. Leann DiAndreth-Elkins: [email protected]

Required Courses:

  • EDL 553 Advanced Instructional Models (Fall I)
  • EDUC 534 Contemporary Applications of Educational Technology (Summer)
  • EDL 543 Creating a Culture of Innovation (Spring I)
  • EDL 562 Data Driven Decision Making (Spring II)
  • Select 2 from any EDUC or SPED 500-level course