Portfolio Review Process

The West Liberty University Professional Education Portfolio Assessment Process consists of three levels.

  • Level I is completed when the student applies for admission into Professional Education.
  • Level II must be completed prior to applying for student teaching.
  • Level III is completed during student teaching prior to graduation.

Level I
The level I portfolio consists of the following items:

  • Documentation of the completion of at least 45 hours of 100 level or above college coursework with an overall G.P.A. of 2.50 or higher and grades of “C” or higher in ENG 101, ENG 102, COM 101, EDUC 100, EDUC 201, and EDUC 207.
  • The student is responsible for ensuring that all transfer credits have been properly submitted to West Liberty University and recorded in Banner. Documentation of passing scores on all sections of the Praxis I tests (PPST). The student is responsible for making sure that West Liberty University is listed as a recipient of the test scores.
  • Documentation of a current criminal records check that meets the state requirements for certification. The student is responsible for completing the criminal record check.
  • At least one recommendation for admission from a West Liberty University faculty member.
  • Application for admission to Professional Education. The candidate is required to submit the application on-line via the Professional Education web site.

The admission Coordinator will then access the official transcripts, Praxis Test Scores, and the criminal record check on-line to ensure that the requirements have been met. The recommendation may be submitted on-line via the Professional Education web site or in paper form by printing the form from the web site and then submitting the completed document at the Professional Education office, Main Hall 326A.

Level II – The Content Portfolio
The level II Portfolio is content specific to the candidate’s teaching field. It is based on the national standards for the major field and is completed on-line using LiveText. The candidate is responsible for working closely with his or her content area advisor and with the faculty in the content field to determine and meet the specific requirements for his or her field. A successful review of the Level II Portfolio is required to gain admittance to Clinical Practice (Student Teaching).

Level III – The Professional Portfolio
The Level III Professional Portfolio is built on LiveText as the candidate adds artifacts throughout his or professional education program. Those artifacts will include projects and assignments from Professional Education courses in addition to the projects and assignments from the content portfolio. Candidates are also encouraged to include materials from involvements in student organizations and other activities that contribute to the portfolio. The Level III portfolio template reflects the West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards. A successful review of the Level III portfolio is required for graduation.