Admission to Teacher Education Program

Admission Point # 1

Teacher candidates must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program prior to enrolling in the EDUC 301, Educational Psychology. All upper level classes that follow EDUC 301 in the Teacher Education sequence require admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Criteria for Formal Admission into the Teacher Education Program

  • Compete and submit the Online Application Form.
  • Successful completions of 45 or more hours of 100 level or above university coursework.
  • Overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher (for candidates who were enrolled at WLU prior to the Fall
    2014 semester with a declared teacher education major, the G.P.A. requirement for admission into the Teacher Education Program was 2.5 or higher.) For candidates who enter WLU as transfer students or first semester Freshmen and for any other candidates who are under catalogs from after July 1, 2014, the G.P.A. requirement for admission onto the teacher education program is 3.0 or higher.
  • Grade of “C” or better in the following courses:
    • ENG 101
    • ENG 102
    • COM 101
    • EDUC 100
    • EDUC 207
    • EDUC 290
    • SPED 241
  • Successful completion of WVDE required Praxis I Tests: CASE Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests or submission of ACT or SAT scores meeting exemption status (based on WV Board of Education Policy 5202).
    Important Note:
    Scores/tests may be revised at any time by the WV Department of Education. To qualify for admission into teacher education or teaching certification, candidates must complete the tests and meet or exceed the WVDE passing scores in place on the date of testing.
  • Successful passage of a disposition screening and review.

Praxis I and II Test Information and Requirements

  • All education candidates, unless exempt from the Praxis I as stated in West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5100, must pass the Praxis I (CASE) tests to be eligible for admission into teacher education.
    ** At the time of printing this manual, the West Virginia has approved an exemption from the Praxis I test requirement for candidates who meet the following criteria: Documentation from a single test administration of an American College Testing (ACT) composite score of 26 or above, OR a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) composite score of 1170 (combined Critical Reading and Math).
  • The Praxis II content area tests must be passed prior to entrance to the Professional Semester.
    ** Although the Praxis II test objectives generally reflect the SPA standards and the West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards, the Teacher Education Unit periodically reviews the program to ensure that they are represented throughout the Teacher Education program. More information about the contents of the Praxis II tests is available on the Educational Testing Service web site at:
    ** For further information on Praxis II tests required by the WVDE and WLU see:
  • Praxis I and II registration is completed online at Information about testing dates and test preparation is also available on the ETS web site.
  • In the event that a candidate does not pass any portion of Praxis I (CASE) or a Praxis II Content test, the candidate should immediately set up a meeting with his/her advisor BEFORE making any further attempts at retaking a test. After a second unsuccessful attempt at passing any portion of Praxis I or II, a formal remediation plan will be put into place. It is the candidate’s responsibility to follow through with the remediation plan after it has been put into place.
  • Please Note: When tests or scores listed in the WVDE directory (available here) are changed, the validity period for the previously listed tests and/or score shall be one year from the effective date of the new test and/or score. Exception: tests and/or scores shall remain valid for twelve months after completion of an approved program for licensure where the applicant was continuously enrolled even if the test and/or score has changed. For more information see WVDE Policy 5100.
    **Although WLU honors the West Virginia State Department of Education policy that waives the Praxis I for candidates who have the above mentioned ACT or SAT test scores, candidates who will seek teaching certification in other states may need to pass the Praxis I scores established by those states.

Criminal Records Clearance Requirement

Candidates for admission into Teacher Education must complete a criminal background check online via (the background check is valid for 12 months).

If the criminal background check reveals anything that would disqualify an individual from West Virginia teaching certification, then that individual will be denied admission into the WLU teacher education program. If the Certified Background Check criminal record review indicates that criminal charges are pending that could disqualify an individual from WV teaching certification, then the candidate’s admission to the teacher education program will be delayed until those charges are resolved.

All WLU teacher education candidates need to be aware that WLU will not place any WLU candidate into a school or other facility where children are present if that candidate’s criminal record indicates any criminal charges or convictions which would disqualify that candidate from teaching certification.

Positive Disposition Assessments

Positive disposition ratings or evidence of remediation are required for program admission.

Application for Admission Process

Teacher candidates must complete the Online Application Form found on the Admission link on the Teacher Education website.

Admission Verification Process

After receiving the application, the Admission/Retention Coordinator verifies that all requirements have been met and the Director of Teacher Education reviews the candidate’s Teacher Education folder, including any negative dispositions to ensure it contains no documented issues or concerns that could impact the individual’s admission. The Director of Teacher Education brings those cases that may involve program denial or program discontinuation to the Admission/Retention Coordinator for the Teacher Education Unit for adjudication.

Notification of Admission

After it is verified by the Admission/Retention Coordinator that all criteria for admission have been met, then he or she notifies the candidate by email that he or she has been formally admitted into the Teacher Education program. If the candidate is not admitted, then the Admission/Retention Coordinator notifies the candidate by email of the reasons for the denial of admission.

Deadline for Admission

All requirements must be met by the WEDNESDAY before a term during which the candidate intends to register for a course that requires admission to the program.

Alternative Admission Requirements for Returning Candidates who Cannot Meet the 3.0 G.P.A. Requirement

  • Must have at least two consecutive semesters of absence from a four year college or university prior to enrolling at West Liberty University
  • Must have achieved at least a 3.0 overall G.P.A. after enrolling/re-enrolling at West Liberty University
  • Must receive a positive disposition from the Practicum One experience
  • Must provide at least two letters of recommendation from content area faculty
  • Must successfully fulfill all other Teacher Education admission requirements

Non-Degree Seeking Candidates

For those individuals with an existing BA or BS degree, the Certification Officer will first complete a transcript analysis of any additional needed. A listing of all needed pedagogical program courses will be provided to the individual.

The individual will complete the pedagogical program sequence beginning with EDUC 100. Program admission requirements remain the same.