Community Education Research and Leadership

This area of our M.A. Ed. Program prepares individuals for becoming professional educators, researchers, and leaders in non-formal environments and non-profit organizations. Coursework includes fundraising and development, non-profit management, non-formal education models, and prepares individuals to improve community relationships and involvement in non-formal and/or non-profit organizations.

Advisor: Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas: [email protected]

Required courses in Education Common Core (12 hours):

  1. EDUC 502 Professional Writing (online every semester)
  2. EDUC 507 Research Methods (online every semester)
  3. EDUC 512 Assessment and Data Literacy (online every semester)
  4. EDUC 581 Capstone (16-week course during Fall or Spring only)

Required courses for this area of emphasis (18 hours):

  • EDUC 506 Motivation & Creativity (Fall I, online)
  • EDUC 517 Non-Formal Education Models (Spring I, online)
  • EDUC 528 Non-Profit Management (Fall II)
  • EDUC 558 Fundraising & Development (Summer II)
  • EDUC 559 Advocacy, Communication and Public Policy (Spring II)
  • EDUC 572 Internship (by arrangement)

Total academic hours required for degree: 30