Technology Teaching Assistant Program

Congratulations Summer Stevens, Jessica Safreed, Anne Nist, Danielle Wolfe, and Zachary Klemm (from left to right) on receiving the Technology Teaching Assistant Scholarship!

Congratulations Summer Stevens, Jessica Safreed, Annie Nist, Danielle Wolfe, and Zachary Klemm (from left to right) on receiving the Technology Teaching Assistant Scholarship in spring 2014 !

The College of Education takes the initiative in leveraging mobile technology for enhanced instruction via our new Technology Teaching Assistant (TTA) program. This program works with faculty and students to enable and promote the development and dissemination of innovative uses of technology in teaching and learning. The TTAs shall demonstrate their proficiency in the technology application operation and trouble-shooting, and provide their assigned faculty with one-on-one assistance on a fixed 3-hour schedule per week or “call-out” basis according to the faculty’s needs. Not only will this build a technology-enriched community in our College, but also support an ecosystem designed to empower undergraduate students and allow them opportunities to shine.


  • Share a common constructivist vision for learning using mobile tech.
  • Brainstorm strategies to make instructional practice dynamic and purposeful.
  • Provide faculty with extensive and sustained support.
  • Build a successful iPads/technology-enriched community at the College of Education (faculty & students) and reap the benefits of iPads/instructional technologies.
  • Create a technology professional development model for teachers in K-12 PDS schools.
  • Apply the SAMR model as a guide to aid educators integrate technology into teaching and learning.

General Tasks
The TTAs’ responsibilities include:

  • Attend the Technology Team meetings.
  • Meet with their assigned faculty 3 hours a week to provide technological support (e.g., Sakai, LiveText, Google Sites), and help their assigned faculty learn at least one tool on SMART Board/Intelliboard and at least one iPad app that their assigned faculty can integrate into his/her lessons.
  • Submit a journal of activities with specific descriptions and associated photos/videos to the TTA Program weekly.
  • Attend the College meeting at the end of the semester to showcase their TTA work with their assigned faculty and present a mini 25-minute technology workshop to the faculty.

Featured Supports
The initial technology support system has been developed and is being tested with and applied to a number of formats, including but not limited to:

  • hAPPy Friday Tools/Apps Learning
    Every Friday, one instructional tool/app will be introduced to everyone through the College of Education website. Faculty and students can watch and follow the tutorial videos for a quick how-to.
  • Technology Workshops
    Everyone is invited to attend the technology workshops. Faculty and students can receive face-to-face, team-based instructions in the tools/apps introduced every Friday on the College of Education website or any other technology-related queries.
  • One-on-One Technology Assistance
    To accommodate individual faculty’s schedule and meet faculty’s particular needs, all the faculty in the College of Education are welcome to contact our TTA Program for arranging an one-on-one TTA assistance.
  • Showcase
    Here we showcase how our faculty, students, student teachers, and TTAs infuse curricula with technology. Lesson ideas and models are shared for inspiration.

Next Steps
This program is designed to anticipate future needs beyond its immediate scope. Please see our College Technology Integration Five-Year Plan (available soon).

Should you have any questions about this program or need any further assistance, please contact:

Dr. Li-Wei Peng
West Liberty University
103 Shotwell Hall
208 University Drive
Campus Union Box 162
West Liberty, WV 26074
Office: 304-336-8181
Fax: 304-336-8256
[email protected]