Diversity Team


Sara Sweeney (Chair), Bridgette Dawson, Mia Szabo, Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Dr. Angela Rehbein, Moonjung Kang, Diana Harto, Michael Aulick, Mike Turrentine, Dr. Miriam Douglas, and Kate Billings

Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative

The Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative (CDI) was created in November 2009 by the Higher Education Policy Commission. The CDI and its coordinating body, the Diversity Council, is charged with developing a system-wide approach to create and support enhanced policies and strategies for diversity within the state’s four-year public colleges and universities as institutions and communities. Recognizing institutional missions, histories, and objectives, the CDI offers advice and guidance on the development of programs under the initiative and coordinates current and future programs to ensure a diverse post-secondary experience at the state’s public colleges and universities.