Providing hands on experience is a cornerstone to a WLU communciation degree

WLU students in the ESPN Control booth

The Department of Communication faculty is committed to providing our students with an understanding of the theory and practice of their respective disciplines.

With a constantly evolving technology, today’s media and communication disciplines are innovative and interdisciplinary. In order to equip our students to meet the future demands of a changing society, our experienced and knowledgeable faculty focus on the practical application, historical study and critical analysis in a variety of disciplines.

They prepare our students of today to be the elite communicators and leaders of tomorrow.

Our faculty has real world and academic experience that provide our students with hands-on instruction that lead to developing problem solving and real world skills by presenting real life working experiences in an educational setting.

While hands-on studies are typical for our classrooms, faculty also teach our students to assimilate data and research into cohesive and useful oral and written presentations while communicating within their own languages and terminologies unique to their area of study.