Control-room-Bordas-show-300x200WLTV 14  |   Television

Interested in working in television? Check out West Liberty University’s television station, WLTV-14, and our state-of-the-art studios located in the Media Arts Center.

Created in 1990, the community station continues to operate as an educational channel and now reaches more than 55,000 cable households in Hancock, Ohio and Marshall counties on Comcast Cable.

WGLZ | Radio Station

Looking for something fun, exciting and memorable? Look no further than WLU’s own radio station WGLZ.

WGLZ was established in 1992 by Professor Lee and is a student-run organization serving 15,000 listeners in the West Liberty area. The studio, located on the first floor of the College Union, has a daily format that varies according to campus activities, DJ preferences, and campus life. With three paid student positions available to help facilitate operations, the station operates 24 hours a day with on-air announcers from 7 AM – 10 PM and automated programming overnight. In the spring of 2013, Professor Jeff Pfister became the director of operations at WGLZ. The station operates at a power of 150 watts on 91.5 MHz.

Trumpet 2The Trumpet  |  WLU’s Student Newspaper

If journalism is your interest check out West Liberty’s own student run newspaper The Trumpet.

Annual 48 Hour Filmfest
Every fall WLU students have the opportunity to compete in a 48 hour Filmfest and have their work screened at Marquee Cinemas at the Highlands

091WestLiberty-smClubs & Other Organizations

WLU is home to dozens of student run clubs, a very active student government association and intramural sports. Please see the WLU Student Life page for details