Digital Media Design

Program Description

Digital Media Design is a Division of Art major combining aspects of art, communications, business, and digital media. Students study with a variety of instructors with expertise in graphic design, photography, publishing, video, audio, animation, web design, marketing, and business information systems. Students develop a broad range of communication skills in visualization, communication, presentation, writing, and technology. These skills provide an excellent foundation for careers in publishing, graphic design, web design, multimedia, arts administration, copywriting, and specialist careers in the art, design, and digital media industries. Many classes will be held in the new Media Arts Center. Students will experience lectures, workshops, tutorials, and project work. Opportunities for independent learning and internships will be readily available.

This degree broadens the scope of the Division of Art at West Liberty University, giving students the option to choose a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education, or a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Design. The Division of Art at West Liberty University is already comprised of accomplished faculty members, excellent facilities, a wonderful support staff, and students who care a great deal about receiving a quality education with an eye towards the future. The proposed degree program takes full advantage of the new Media Arts Center, giving students the opportunity to experience cross-discipline studies in video and audio production.




DMD program students will be able to:

  1. Use a variety of digital imaging tools to create still graphics that adhere to the principles of design as evidenced by passing scores on the Art division scoring rubrics.
  2. Use photography and typography effectively in the development of graphic layouts. Students will receive passing scores on the Art division scoring rubrics.
  3. Write, storyboard, shoot, and edit video using professional video production techniques. Students will receive passing scores on the Communications division scoring rubrics.
  4. Score, create, and edit digital audio pieces to be used in linear and/or multimedia projects. Students will receive passing scores on the Music division scoring rubrics.
  5. Write, storyboard, and produce websites and animation for web delivery. Students will receive passing scores on the Art division scoring rubrics.
  6. Design and produce a final capstone project that integrates learned digital techniques from the divisions of Art, Music, and Communications. Students will receive passing scores on the Senior Project scoring rubric.

DMD students have the opportunity to work on WLU’s WLTV-14 and the student run radio station WGLZ.


Digital Media Design Sequence of Courses

Freshman Fall
DMD 101 Intro to Digital Media Design
ART 104 Drawing I
ART 110 Design I
GBUS 140 Intro to Business
Freshman Spring
ART 290 Intro to Computer Graphics
CIS 271 Practical Computer Applications
Sophomore Fall
COM 223 Radio Production
ART 286 Intro to Typography
ART 388 Digital Imaging
MUS 287 Recording Techniques I
Sophomore Spring
ART 205 Digital Illustration
COM 225 Television Field Production
COM 322 Writing for Radio and Television
MKT 331 Principles of Marketing
Junior Fall
COM 422 Non-linear Editing
MUS 387 Electronic Music I – MIDI and Digital Audio
ART 295 Introduction to Web Design
ART 285 Photography I
BIS 372 Data Base Management Systems
Junior Spring
ART 395 Animation for the Web
MKT 425 E-Commerce
Senior Fall
COM, ART and MUSIC Electives
Senior Spring
COM, ART and MUSIC Electives
DMD 490 Senior Project