Art Education

The Art Education Degree Program at West Liberty University complies with the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Standards for Art Teacher Preparation

At WLU, art teacher candidates are guided into leading personal and professional lives that are involved in and enriched by the visual arts.  The creation and study of art represents opportunities to explore and learn about traditional, popular, and contemporary art forms within the community and within all cultures.  Art teacher candidates recognize that learners of all ages, preschool to the elderly, can benefit from learning about the visual arts in a comprehensive way.  Art Teacher candidates value art making, art history, art criticism and aesthetics as integrated components of art education.  Art teacher candidates recognize that their own personal command of art is essential if they are to help students gain a deeper understanding of various approaches to making, studying, and talking about art.  They are committed to knowing about how art content relates to the lives of their students and the educational communities in which they teach.

Qualities of a successful art teacher:  (not in a prioritized order) Commitment to art and art education, open minded, hard working, self starter, organized, drive, creative, lover of learning and knowledge, never give up attitude, flexible, fluent, ability to work with, and honestly care about children and young people

Highlights of the Art Education Program at WL

  • Field Trips to area art museums and exhibits.
  • Opportunity to study abroad
  • WLU’s Center for Arts and Education
  • Workshops – particularly technology workshops geared to incorporating technology in the art classroom
  • Annual Extreme Art Night
  • Excellent studio facilities
  • WLU Art Gallery exhibitions, artist talks and workshops
  • Dedicated faculty who are all exhibiting artists.

Where are they now?

WLU has an excellent employment record for its art education graduates.  Art graduates are employed as art teachers in WV, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and numerous other states.  Students graduate prepared to teach to those 21st Century Skills necessary for success in this technological age.


Special facilities for the Division of Art include a graphic design classroom with fifteen Macintosh computers, with Internet access, projection system, storage area, and a professional quality laser printer. The Division of Art also makes use of a painting/drawing studio, sculpture studio, twenty five-seat lecture room, the Nutting Art Gallery and a printmaking lab. Digital Media Design majors have access to a Midi lab, state of the art sound recording studio, state of the art television studio and Media Arts classrooms. Additional art spaces include a ceramics studio is located in the Annex building across campus and a photography studio located in College Hall.

WLU students on a visit to local elementary school

WLU students on a visit to local elementary school

Paul N. Elbin Library:

The West Liberty University Library houses over 4000 art and design related titles. Faculty and students also have access to online resources such as the Grove Music and Art Online Database. The Library has six Macintosh computer stations, copy and printing services. The Library serves as additional art exhibition space, hosts and co-funds guest speakers.

Freshmen Scholarship Competition:

West Liberty University’s Division of Art announces the availability of a four-year scholarship for a graduating high school senior who wishes to major in art at West Liberty University. The competition is open to all graduating seniors, and is not limited to residents of West Virginia. Applicants must have submitted an application for admittance to WLU. 
 Students must submit a portfolio of at least six pieces of original work. The winner, as determined by the art faculty, will receive a four-year renewable art scholarship and a Housing Grant to study art at West Liberty University. Housing grants cover at least 80% of the total room cost only, and pay nothing toward board. Second and third place awards of Housing Grants may be granted if available and appropriate. The annual competition is held late in November every year.