Where Are They Now?

West Liberty University is proud of its graduates, and WLU-TV is extremely proud of the many students who have completed our program and gone on to do great things in the broadcasting and design fields. Below is a list of some of our graduates who are doing great things in their respective fields and are visions of how successful graduates of our program can become!

Lauren Weppler-Geissler ’07





Van Applegate ’08





Ty Crawford ’09




Rachael Dierkes ’10




Philip Stahl ’10



Amber Williams'11

Amber Williams ’11





Brittni Lindgren, ’11




Jon Renforth

Jon Renforth, ’12





Danielle Zacherl ’13




Tate Newsroom

Tate Blanchard ’14





If you are a graduate who had the chance to work with WLU-TV and would like to be featured on this page, please contact Jared Thompson at [email protected] or call 304.336.5523.