Ty Crawford

TyI graduated from West Liberty in December of 2009 with a BS in Graphic Design. While I was a student I played various roles on the WLTV broadcasting crew including Camera Operator and Motion/Graphic Designer.  My time spent at West Liberty played an important role in my professional development by allowing me to get hands on experience with pro gear, putting me ahead in my field. After I graduated, I worked briefly as an MCO at a local NBC news station until I could find a position better suited for my goals in terms of my career. In April 2010, I was offered a position outside of D.C. as a multimedia designer for an Online University. Since then I have moved up in the company, now serving as the Senior Multimedia Designer for a University with over 120,000+ students, on a team full of creatively gifted designers . My workdays consist of anything multimedia ranging from Motion Graphics and Visual Effects to Responsive Design and Mobile Application Development. I have also owned and operated my own business TY CRAWFORD PHOTOGRAPHY for over 5 years and I’ve had the privilege in traveling great distances to make photos and video productions for clients on a local and national level.
My favorite memories from West Liberty would have to be those late nights of prepping for the big game, cramming 5 people into the “production van”  and crawling back from the Toad Worthy all those times with Johnny, Flip, Mikey, and Jar. Oh…….and Professor Lee.
My free time consists of Food Network, The Walking Dead, learning new things, and cooking.