This Saturday, celebrate Elton John’s birthday with [email protected]!

Walker Polivka, WGLZ general manager, will be hosting [email protected], a tribute for Elton John’s 70th birthday. He will be playing 70 Elton John’s song to celebrate it, starting at 10am, this Saturday, March 25th. Be sure to tune into 91.5 WGLZ, the hilltop hit music station.

WGLZ organized a superhero trivia during the chefs fare. Nailers tickets, Perkins gift card and many other gifts were given away!

On March 7th, the marketplace in West Liberty University hosted the chef’s fare, with a superhero team for this year. Our team had the chance to represent WGLZ radio during this event by playing a variety of superhero music and doing a trivia contest following the competition theme. We had two lucky winners: Michael Dentrassy, winner of the Nailers tickets and Alison Schumacher, winner of the Perkins gift certificate. Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned, more giveaways are coming with WGLZ, the hilltop hit music station!

Weekly Show: Travel time with Molly!

Molka (Molly) Ben Hammouda is a communication major student at West Liberty University. She is currently an operations director at WGLZ 91.5 FM Station. Being an international student herself, she chose to make her show about international news and issues. She hopes her show will enforce the communication between international and American students. Listen to Molly, every Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 on WGLZ radio.


Weekly show: Walker’s talk show!

Walker Polivka is a second semester freshman broadcasting major here at West Liberty University. He is currently the WGLZ 91.5 FM Station General Manager.  Walker has a talk show with some music played as well. He generally Interview one guest an hour and the rest of the hour is filled with music, generally something out of the unsigned artist category. You can Listen to Walker, every Thursday’s from 4:00-6:00 on WSLZ radio. 

Weekly show: Learn about music and current events with Kellsi!

Kellsi Anderson is majoring in Digital Media Design in West Liberty University. Her show is aimed towards current events and how music has been related to it. Don’t forget to listen to Kellsi every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00, on WGLZ radio.