Our business community is one of our most important customers…and our aim is to develop long-term, value-added relationships with you and to serve as a pipeline to deliver the quality workforce you need to help your business be successful.

We want to connect with you to find out how we can serve your needs.

  • STUDENT RECRUITING/INTERNSHIPS – If you are looking for new employees who are just the right fit for your company, the West College of Business can help. For more information, contact us at 304-336-8699.  We offer assistance in the following areas:
    • on-campus interviews
    • website and on-campus promotion of job availability
    • resumes/applications of interested students
  • CONSULTING AND RESEARCH – Our faculty is available for consulting and to conduct proprietary research.  View faculty bios and research interests by visiting our Faculty & Staff directory.
  • SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT – The Center for Entrepreneurship at West Liberty University is your source for information and assistance in the areas of Small and Family Business development, entrepreneurship education, and Intellectual Property and Innovation strategies.  Visit the CFE website at westliberty.edu/centerforentrepreneurship.
  • JOIN OUR EFFORT – Business leaders in our local area and beyond are an important source of input to keep our programs relevant and up-to-date.  Below are two ways that local businesspeople are helping:
    • Mock Interviews – Upper-level students have the opportunity to hone their employment-seeking skills by participating in a mock interview with real hiring managers, which helps them prepare…and allows employers to get a look at the student employment pool.  Read more about the mock interview process in the Spring 2011 issue of our news magazine, Business Focus.  If you would like to participate as a mock interviewer, please contact us at 304-336-8699.
    • Business Advisory Board – The dean has also enlisted the service of an active advisory board, comprised of business leaders from the local community.  The advice of the board helps to shape our programs and ensure that we are providing the quality education you expect from our recruits.  Contact Dean Jean Bailey with comments or suggestions.