Entrepreneurship Program

The Center for Ent LogoWith a vision of developing job creators instead of job seekers, the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Gary E. West College of Business has developed a program designed to provide students across educational disciplines the practical classroom and experiential-based entrepreneurship instruction necessary to enable them to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, or to become a creative “intrapreneur” within a larger business.

Why entrepreneurship?

When entrepreneurship training and support is mobilized around the talent base of a community, everyone can win:

  • An accounting student learns how to start a successful firm, an art student learns to become an artist, a scientist learns how to innovate
  • Entrepreneurial skills make students more employable and ultimately more valuable to a business owner
  • Entrepreneurial learning promotes success
  • Young entrepreneurs start small businesses… that create jobs… that create economic growth

West Liberty University provides the foundation for entrepreneurship among its students with a curriculum that includes:

  • Entrepreneurship appreciation classes
  • Practical classroom instruction
  • Interdisciplinary classes that apply practical entrepreneurial concepts to specific fields of study
  • Upper division electives that accommodate the entrepreneurial interests of a student

Please visit westliberty.edu/centerforentrepreneurship for details on entrepreneurship classes and information on the Center’s Small and Family Business Program and Intellectual Property and Innovation program.