Becoming a WCOB Student

Behind every career option you can imagine, there is a business operation.  Managers, accountants, computer information specialists, and a host of other business professionals work every day to maintain and expand medical facilities, art galleries, research laboratories, schools, newspapers and television stations, charitable organizations, sports teams and facilities, hotels, theme parks…the list is as long as your imagination.

At the Gary E. West College of Business, it is our mission to help you find that vocation that motivates and excites you, to provide the academic environment and support to gain the knowledge and skills you need, and to help match you with internship and permanent employment opportunities.

The moment you become a WCOB Student, you begin the process of defining yourself as a business professional.  Your future depends on your vision of yourself as a well-educated, competent, dedicated, and ethical practitioner of the business specialization you’ve chosen to pursue.  The faculty and staff pledge to help you develop your professionalism through quality instruction, professional development classes, helpful advising, and opportunities for internships, study abroad, entrepreneurship training, speakers, and student organizations.