Connect & Network

networkUse the Latest Technology: @you.

If you aren’t looking, technology will get ahead of you. We’re not about to let that happen in the West College of Business. In fact, we are working every day to help our students keep up with new technology so they can be well-prepared for the future workplace – one that is increasingly virtual, collaborative, diverse, and flexible.

Here are some of our current efforts:

  • A recently upgraded wireless connectivity has brought reliable WiFi to all business classrooms, so you can experience the power of the mobile workplace, close at hand.
  • WLU’s Freshman Laptop Program ensures every incoming student his or her own laptop computer,  meaning that mobile labs are now the norm, not the exception.
  • The number of online courses continues to grow, and instructional technologies such as Adobe Connect will allow professors to deliver real-time lectures using presentation software anytime, anywhere – giving you more flexibility in scheduling your work and study time.
  • Our Computer Information Systems faculty is expanding and enhancing curriculum to ensure that all CIS students are well-prepared for the tech job market.
  • We’re looking at new teaching tools, such as applications for iPads in the classroom.
  • Social media, web design, and electronic marketing are included in the curriculum.

And of course, we’ll soon be facebooking and tweeting.  And when the next big thing appears on the technology scene, you can be sure we’ll be there, too.