You are the product.

You are the ProductWhen it’s time to go job hunting, you become a salesperson…and the product is YOU. At the Gary E. West College of Business, we are in the business of helping you become the best product you can be, by providing high-quality programs and a rigorous curriculum.

But we also know that you need to learn how to sell yourself and your unique combination of skills and talents to prospective employers.  That’s why professional development is a key component of your West College of Business education.

We’ll start you off by placing you in a section of Freshman Experience tailored exclusively for business students.  In your sophomore and junior years, you’ll take two courses which focus on business communication and professional development.  Topics include resume preparation, job interviewing skills, teamwork, business writing, and presentation skills.  We’ll also assist you in finding an internship – that little bit of experience that means so much on your resume…and often leads to a permanent position. Our goal is to help you have a well-paying, permanent job waiting for you upon graduation.

To view a list of internships students are currently serving, Internship Classifieds, and graduate placements, visit the Center for Advising & Placement.