Expand Your World

Expand Your WorldWe are all one.

Never before in history has our planet been so interconnected. Thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web, an “international” company can just as easily be a mega-corporation or the pet store down the street. As a professional in today’s business environment, you are likely to work with colleagues who have cultures and backgrounds quite different from your own, and even to travel internationally for your organization.

As a student in the West College of Business, you’ll benefit from a wide range of international influences:

  • Our growing international faculty members contribute a diverse perspective. Currently, WestCOB professors represent Turkey, Korea, Nepal, and China.
  • The University has taken a proactive role in recruiting international students, adding a wonderful blend to the West Liberty student body. There are over 29 international students on campus with an active International Student Club which is open to all students.
  • Opportunities for travel and study abroad are increasing each year. Experience in a foreign country is a great resume enhancer.

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