Craig Crow, Ed.D.,

Assistant Professor of Management, WCOB Director of Assessment
Craig Crow, Ed.D.


  • Ed.D., Educational Leadership, West Virginia University
  • M.S., Sport Management, West Virginia University
  • B.S., Business Administration, West Liberty State College

Professional Activities

  • Sport industry guest service consulting, including NFL and NCAA Division I clients
  • Review board member for Case Studies in Sport Management
  • Heinz Field game day field crew member


  • Director of Assessment, West College of Business
  • Administrator, West Liberty University Faculty Development Fund
  • Advisor, WLU Sport Business Association
  • Small and Family Business Program Advisory Committee

Current Professional Memberships

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)
  • College Sport Research Institute (CSRI)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Dittmore, S. W., & Crow, C. M. (2010, April). The influence of the Bowl Championship Series on competitive balance in college football. Journal of Sports Administration & Supervision 2(1), 7-19.

*Article was republished in the Fall 2010 edition of The Sports Business Exchange

** Winner of Journal of Sports Administration & Supervision’s Editor’s Choice Award for issue

Book Chapters

Goss, B.D., Jubenville, C.J., & Crow, C.M. (2010). Future of the sport industry. In A. Gillentine and R.B. Crow (eds.). Foundations of Sport Management (2nd ed.). Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology.

Book Reviews

Crow, C.M. (2014, May). Review of the book Beyond the scoreboard: An insider’s guide to the business of sport, by R. Horrow & K. Swatek. Sport Management Review 17(2), 238-239.

Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

Crow, C.M. (2014, April). Researching the institution’s athletics program: One faculty member’s experience. Abstract presented at the 2014 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Columbia, SC in April 2014.

Crow, C.M. (2013, April). Impact of football stadium beer sales on fan behavior and crime: Perceptions of campus law enforcement directors. Abstract presented at the 2013 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC in April 2013.

Crow, C.M. (2013, April). Is anyone choosing Division II? Content analysis of recent research on intercollegiate athletics. Abstract presented at the 2013 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC in April 2013.

Crow, C.M. (2012, May). Perceived benefits of outsourcing football stadium foodservice operations: Differences between FBS and FCS institutions. Abstract presented at the annual meeting of the North American Society for Sport Management, Seattle, WA.

Crow, C.M. (2012, April). Outsourcing football stadium foodservice operations: Who is behind the counter? Abstract presented at the 2012 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC.

Dittmore, S.W., Crow, C.M., & Fields, T.E. (2010, March). Property rights in the age of digital media: Exploring the legal and practical impacts of the restricting content usage. Abstract presented at the Fourth Summit on Communication and Sport, Cleveland, OH.

Dittmore, S.W., & Crow, C.M. (2009, April). Competitive balance in the founding BCS conferences: Regular and post-season implications. Abstract presented at the 2009 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC.

Conference Poster Presentations

Crow, C.M. (2012, April). Satisfaction with football stadium foodservice operations. Poster presented at the 2012 Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC.

Courses Taught at WLU

  • GBUS 140: Introduction to Business
  • MGT 350: Principles of Management
  • MGT 353: Small Business Management
  • MGT 470: Sports Management and Marketing
  • MGT 471: Sports Management Internship
  • MGT 475: Human Resource Management
  • MGT 498: Strategic Management and Policies
  • ENT 450: Venture Finance and Analysis
  • EDL 520: Human Resources and Personnel Issues


2012-13 Gary E. West College of Business Excellence in Teaching Award

Office:  240 Main Hall
Phone:  (304) 336-8167
Fax:  (304) 336-8418
E-Mail:  [email protected]